1. Junior College (XI & XII Arts , Science ,Commerce, MCVC Courses .)
2. Senior College-(Bsc. with Computer Science , Industrial Chemistry, Electronics,
Microbiology, Geology, Drilling Technology & General Group)
    - (Bcom. )
    - (BA)
3. Post Graduate
- Msc. Chemistry
- Msc. Industrial Chemistry
- Msc. Computer Science

Junior College
M.C.V.C. courses. Subject Scheme for Accountancy & Auditing
Subject Scheme for Electronics Technology
Subject Scheme for Automobile Engineering Technician

Senior College
Subject Scheme for B.Sc.
Drilling Technology
Industrial Chemistry
Computer Science
Subject Scheme for


Post Graduate Courses

For XI & XII class

(Medium of instruction is English, Urdu & Marathi)

A. Compulsory Languages.
    1. English
    2. Any one Modern Indian Language: Marathi /Hindi/Urdu/Arabic.

B. Optional Subjects
XI and XII Science Class
   Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, (Science Students can opt. for psychology in     place of Mathematics or Geology in place of Mathematics & Biology)

Vocational Course (any one of the following)
    1. General civil Engineering
    2. Scooter & Motor-Cycle servicing
    3. Electrical Maintenance.


XI and Commerce
    Book Keeping Organization of Commerce, Secretarial Practice, and Economics.

XI & XII Arts
    1. English
    2. Second language (Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and Marathi)
    3. History
    4. Political Science or Economics.
    5. Psychology
    6. Sociology

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Minimum Competency Based Vocational Courses

The college provides the following M.C.V.C. courses.
    1. Accountancy & Auditing
    2. Electronics Technology
    3. Auto Engineering Technician
Subject Scheme for the above courses:
    1. English
    2. Second Language (Marathi, Hindi, Urdu & Arabic)
    3. General Foundation Course

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Subject Scheme for Accountancy & Auditing


    Paper I Financial Accounting
    Paper II Cost Accounting
    Paper III Auditing

Subject Scheme for Electronics Technology


    Paper I Basic Electricity & Materials Electronics Instrumentation
    Paper II Basic Electronics Consumer Electronics
    Paper III Applied Electronics Industrial Electronics & Line Communication

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Subject Scheme for Automobile Engineering Technician

For XI for XII

    Paper I Mechanical Technology. Auto & Diesel Cycle p.II
    Paper II Auto & Diesel Cycle P.I Auto Transmission System.
    Paper III Engineering Drawing. Garage Management & Vehicle Rules.

The intake capacity for all M.C.V.C. is 20. Any S.S.C. Passed Candidate is eligible for taking admission to these courses. The age of the candidate should not be more than 20 years. Daily practical is conducted and practical raw material is provided to them. Furthermore the industrial visits are arranged by the concerned department to acquaint themselves with the practical field. Students are assigned project work, which has to be submitted. A special certificate is awarded to students after successfully completing the XII by the deputy directory vocational education. This can be used in getting employment as well as for obtaining loans from the financial institute to start their own enterprise & became self employed.

Different industrial units demand the list of successful candidates who have passed accountancy and auditing M.C.V.C. course. The selected candidates work as an apprentice in their unit for which stipend is paid to them.

The successful candidates of M.C.V.C. will either gets employment, starts their own business or they can continue education also. The electronics Technology successful candidate can take admission in B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com first year and the successful candidates from Accounting and Auditing and Auto Engineering Technician can get admission in B.A. / First year only.

The certificate holder in Electronics Technology M.c.V.C. course can seek an employment in various electronics industries like TV station or radio station as a technician.

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Eligibility for Admission

Students who have passed the S.S.C. or an equivalent examination of recognized Board or university are eligible for admission to (i) the XI Arts and commerce provided they have taken and passed with English, as one of the subjects for the examination. (ii)To the XI Science Class provided they have taken and passed with English, Mathematics and Physical Science or general science as their subjects for examination. No student can seek admission to XI Science course unless he/she has secured at least 40% marks in science subject. Passing individual subjects separately is necessary.

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Senior College

Subject Scheme for B.Sc.

    1. English ( for Ist and IInd year only )
    2. One second language from among the following languages
    (For Ist and IInd year Only )
    1. Hindi
    2. Marathi
    3. Urdu
    4. Additional English
    5. Arabic
One Group from amount the following
    1. Chemistry-Physics-Industrial Chemistry.
    2. Physics - Mathematics - Electronics.
    3. Physics - Chemistry - Geology.
    4. Microbiology - Botany - Chemistry.
    5. Microbiology - Zoology - Chemistry.
    6. Botany - Geology - Chemistry.
    7. Zoology - Geology - Chemistry.
    8. Physics - Chemistry - Electronics.
    9. Physics-Chemistry-Computer Science.
    10. Physics - Math’s - Computer Science.
    11. Physics-Chemistry-Maths.
    12. Botany - Zoology-Chemistry.
    13. Physics-Geology-Geoexloration & Drilling Technology.
    14. Physics-Chemistry - Geoexploration and Drilling Technology.


0.479 A candidate shall be admitted to the first of the B.Sc. Degree course only if he/she satisfies the following conditions.

a) He/she must have passed Pre-university / Pre-Degree science course examination with five science subjects of this university or the higher secondary (multipurpose) examination conducted by S.S.C. Board recognized as equivalent There to.


He/she must have passed the examination prescribed at the end of second year of the Junior college conducted by the S.S.C. Board Government of Maharashtra with i) English, II) Second Language or Vocational subjects and iii) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and / or Biology or one of the technical subjects prescribed at the said examination as the optional or selective or examination recognized as equivalent there to.


He must have completed vocational course with English as one of the passing subjects:

B) A candidate who has passed the intermediate (Science) under the pattern that existed before the introduction of 10+2+3 pre-professional or B.Sc., Ist year examination of the university or of any statutory university recognized as equivalent thereto shall be admitted to the second year of the B.Sc. Course.

A candidate migrating from any of the statutory university situated in Maharashtra state to the other university in the state after successfully completing the intermediate (Science) examination or an examination recognized as equivalent there to shall be admitted to the Ist year . His performance in the first year (I and IInd Semester) Intermediate (science) at the previous university board shall be taken into consideration and shall be added to the marks he obtains in the second and third year examination in order to declare his final results.

C) A Candidate directly admitted to the IInd year of the three year degree course of the university after passing Intermediate (Science) or pre-professional or B.Sc. first year or B.Sc. Part-I or an examination recognized as equivalent there to shall not be recognized as equivalent thereto shall not be required to appear at and pass the B.Sc. Ist year exam of the university.

0.480 A candidate who has passed the examination of this university may be allowed to present himself subsequently at degree examination in a subject other than those he had taken earlier provided that he puts in three years of attendance as a regular candidate for First, Second, & third years in the subject or subjects concerned excluding compulsory English, Second Language and remaining optional subject(s).

0.481 The degree of bachelor of science shall be conferred on a candidate who has pursued a regular course of study consisting of three years in the relevant subject as prescribed and has appeared at and in all the examinations prescribed for the degree course in the faculty.

0.482 a) When a candidate appears for all subjects prescribed at the examination without availing him of the benefit of exemptions and pass the B.Sc. examination shall be awarded the degree in the faculty and shall also be entitled to a division.

b) A candidate having passed his B.Sc. Examination and appearing subsequently with a change of subject of subjects shall be simply declared to have passed in the subject or subjects concerned and he shall not be eligible for the award of another degree. A Brief Description of job oriented courses at graduate level is given below.

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Geology is an applied science, It plays very important role in the economic development of our country .It has got direct application in industry and Engineering.

From the point of view of employment potentials, the field of Geology is almost next to engineering students of geology get the employment of their choice very easily (sometimes even before the declaration of their examination results.) This is mainly due to the rapid development in Geological activities in our country since independence .The progress and prosperity of any country depends upon its natural resources ant their timely utilization. Therefore, with views of to accelerate our economic progress, expansion in various Geological Departments like ONGC, GSI, Atomic Energy, I.B.M., etc. has been taking place on a very large scale. These and similarly other government agencies employ very large number of Geologist every year. Therefore persons trained in Geology are always in great demand in various states and Central Government. OU State Govt. Agencies like G.S.D., A.D.C.M., C.D.O.M.M.C. appoint large number of Geologists every year.

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The college has been conferred upon by a unique distinction of being chosen by the University Grant Commission to run "Geo-exploration & Drilling Technology' a new Vocational/Technical subject at Degree level. And this is the only institution in the region to which the UGC has accorded its sanction to run such a coveted course. As a matter of fact this windfall came in the right time at the right place.

In a drought prone region like Marathwada this will prove to be a great boon to the students. Owing to scarcity of water, people have no other alternative but to take recourse to digging bore-wells. Water for drinking and irrigation purposes is the primary necessity in the area. Running a course in Geo-Exploration and Drilling Technology will provide a golden opportunity to young students whose technological expertise shall prove beneficial in the development and progress of Marathwada region. As this is a job-orientation.

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According to the Department of Industries of the Government of Maharashtra very soon. Aurangabad Region will be the third Industrial Maharashtra.Almost all sophisticated instruments are now based on electronics. Hence there is great importance of electronic for students.

Bhabha Commission Sethna Commission and Sondhi Commission appointed by Government of India have also stressed its vital role in India.The Government of Aurangabad has started free trade zones for Electronic industry at Bombay and Khandala.

Naturally, there is a great demand for person trained in Electronics .In Aurangabad region also different electronic industries are either working or coming up.

The Aurangabad City itself has registered one of the fastest growth rates in India. Many Industries here use Sophisticated Electronic instruments. Still more industries are coming up. Due to this there is a real local demand for person trained in repair and maintenance of different electronic instruments. This College has therefore started 'Electronic' at degree level to fulfil this growing need.

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Microbiology is a branch of science that deals with the study of MicroOrganisms. Some of the Microorganisms used for Special industrial purpose. Number of Well-Known antibiotics extracted form the MicroOrganisms through the study of Microbiology. Drug Industry, dying industry are some of those industries which are based on the knowledge & study of Microbiology. Present trend of Industries Microbiology is based on fundamental study of Microbiology is of immense use in medical science.

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Aurangabad is declared as a backward district by the Government of India.hence many industrial units have been Established in M.I.D.C.are of Aurangabad which enjoy many concessions from both the government of maharashtra and Government of india.In view of this,Dr.Babasheb Ambedkar Marathwada University has introduced this course to meet the demand of Chemical Engineers .This course is Spread over three Years and its syllabus is equivalent to that of bachelor of Chemical Engineering.this course covers the basic principles of chemical engineering .After three years the student will be awarded the B.Sc.Degree with Industries Chemistry.

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The introduction of Computer in the Commercial are has given a boost to the computer industry .the last decade withnessed a spontaneous growth of Computer Industry both in hardware and software. This ultimately created a heavy demand for the specialized personnel in both the fields.

Keeping in view the changing trend in education,the college decide to introduce the computer Science as optional subject at B.Sc. & B.Com. Level.The College has purchased many computers and estalished a separate computer centre to provide the adequate training to the student.

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    1. English ( for Ist & iind year only )
    2. One Second language from among the following Languages.
    ( for Ist & II nd Year only )
    1.Hindi, 2.Marathi, 3. Urdu, 4. Additional English, 5. Arabic.


Compulsory Subjects:
    1. Accountancy
    2. Business Economic
    3.|Industrial Organization
    4. Statistic.
Optional Subjects:
From the following (Group "A") op tional subject any one is to be selected
    1.Secretarial Practice & Co.Managment.
    2. Taxation, Management Accounting & Auditing.


Compulsory Subjects:
    1. Accountancy-II
    2.Business Communication
    3. Computer Concepts & Programming
    4. Second Paper of the Subjects, any one is to select.
Optional Subjects:
    1. From the following (Group "B") optional subjects any one is to select Cost accounting.         (Paper-I )
    2. Computer application for business and Basic Language Paper-I, Lotus 1-2-3,

(A) Compulsory Subject:
    1. Accounting III
    2. Principles of Management.
    3.Mercenitle & Industrial chemistry
B) Optional Subjects:
    4. Third paper of B.Com .I year optional subject. (From Group "A")
    5. Second of B.Com II year optional subject. (From Group "B")
    6. Third Paper of B.Com.II year optional Subject (From Group "A")

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Post Graduate Courses


The Post Graduate Centre of the college was started in the year 1988. The post graduate center offers M.Sc Chemistry, M.Sc Industrial Chemistry in addition to M.Sc Computer Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. The center is also recognized by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University as the Doctorial Research Centre leading to Degree of Ph.D. in Chemistry and allied subjects.




Chemistry Group

  1. M.Sc Chemistry
  2. M.Sc Industrial Chemistry


 Information Technology Group

1.     M.Sc Computer Science

2.     Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications PGDCA


Admission Procedure


The admission to M.Sc  courses is based on marks obtained at the degree level. The forms for registration to a course are issued in June and the admissions are finalized in July every year.

For admission to PGDCA the basis is Common entrance Test. The registration to PGDCA starts in June and the CET is conducted by the university in July every year.


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