Awards and Concessions

Maulana Azad Educational Trust Awards

The Maulana Azad Educational trust gives two prizes of Rs. 2,500/- each in the science streams (Engineering & Medicine) of XII standard. Award will be given to the students securing the highest position among the first thirty meritorious students declared by the board. Similarly the President of Maulana Azad Educational trust has announced four other prizes of Rs. 1,000 each to the students who obtain distinction at B.Sc. level in the university examination in the following subjects.
    1. Industrial chemistry
    2. Electronics
    3. Geology and
    4. Microbiology.

There are also awards of Rs. 50/- each per month to meritorious students secure more than 70% marks in the final examination.


    1. Aid in the form of Concession in hostel rent. Other charges fee, instrument boxes, etc. is
     extended to deserving students from students Aid Fund.
    2. TextBooks are given on loan from the library.

Government Awards:

The following financial aids under various schemes of the Government of Maharashtra and Government of India are also available to the students.

State Government:

    1. E.B.C. Free studentship Concessions.
    2. Defense Service Personnel Concessions.
    3. Freedom Fighter Scholarship and Concession.
    4. Government Open Merit Scholarships.
    5. Endowment Fund Scholarships.
    6. Open Merit Free studentship to Non-Backwards Classes.
    7. Educational concessions to the children of primary and secondary school teachers.

Government of India:

    1. Govt. of India Scholarship to S.C. and S.T. Students.
    2. National Scholarship.
    3. National Loan Scholarship.
    4. Merit Scholarship to the Children of primary and secondary teachers.
    5. Hindi scholarship in Non-Hindi Speaking states.
    6. Science Talent Search Scholarships.

Scholarship For Handicapped

In order to avail the benefit of this scholarship a student has to fulfill the following .

    1. he/she should apply in the prescribed form.
    2. Income certificate from Tahsildar.
    3. Certificate from Medical officer indicating 40% disability and a photograph showing such       
    4. Last year's marks memo with percentage of marks.
    5. Date of admission in the college in case of new students.
    6. He/she should have secured at least 40% marks in the previous examination.

The G.O.I. scholarship facility is available for S.C., S.T. and V.J.N.T. students. The prescribed application forms are available in the college office. Those who wish to apply for G.O.I.scholarship should go through the following.

    1.The application form should be filled in by the candidate. It should be error free from overwriting
    and corrections.
    2. A candidate is required to enclose along with the form Income Certificate and Caste
       Certificate from  the Tahsildar of his/her native place.
    3. Attach original Income Certificate, T.C. and Marks Memo with four Xerox copies.
    4. Attach Xerox copy of concerned caste certificate mentioned above.
    5. Students of XI and First year degree course and those having gap in scholarship are required to
    submit the particulars in the fresh form whereas students be-longing to XII. Second year &Third  
    year degree course should fill in renewal form.
    6. No candidate can receive more than one scholarship at a time for different courses.
    7. Students of good conduct having more than 75% attendance and satisfactory performance
       can  get   the benefit of this facility.
    8. The annual income of the applicant’s parent should not be more than 24000/-
    9. If income of a parent is more than 24000/-per year he/she should apply for freeship.
    10. A student who has discontinued education due to same reason. He/she should produce the gap
    certificate of the same period.
    11. G.O.O. Scholarship will not be given to those producing duplicate T.C.s as a con-sequence   
     they  have to pay full fees.