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Dr. Rafiq Zakaria
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Maulana Azad Educational Trust &s
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Short History of Maulana Azad Educational Trust

On December 29,1987, Maulana Azad Education Campus, Aurangabad celebrated  its  Silver   Jubilee.  Mr.  R . Venkataraman,  President  of  India   inaugurated  the celebrations  in  the  presence  of   the distinguish  gathering,  which  included  the Governor   and  the  Chief  Minister  of  Maharashtra ,  the   Vice-Chancellor of Marathwada University, Hon. judges of the High court, Members of   Parliament and the state Legislature, high officials, educationists, social workers and the leading citizens .
Speaking on  the   occasion the president said I am delighted to associate myself with the silver jubilee celebration of the Maulana Azad Education campus at Aurangabad. I would  like to  convey my sincere thanks to the Maulana Azad Education Society and its president.   Dr. Rafiq Zakaria, for the opportunity afforded to me to participate in this program.  I am  aware of this  useful  work done  by  the society and its president, my good friend Dr. Rafiq Zakaria  and it has  long been   my   desire to visit it. But there is such a thing as a time    for everything and  I believe  it was intended that I should have the   privilege of  visiting  this   society  at the   time when  the nation  is preparing   to celebrate   the centenary of  the  great  son  of  India,  whose name it bears. " Dr. Rafiq Zakaria,for the opportunity offered to me to

participate in this program. I am aware of this useful work done by the society and its president, my good friend Dr. Rafiq Zakaria and it has long been my desire to visit it. But there is such a thing as a time for everything and I believe it was intended that I should have the privilege of visiting this society at the time when the nation is preparing to elaborate the centenary of the great son of India, whose name it bears. " The president continued at the outset may I extend my warm felicitation to all the institutions and the individuals associated with this campus. Twenty-five years constitute a significant phase in the life of any institution or individuals. Not so young as to be neither experienced nor so old as to be immobilized. The Maulana Azad Education campus is at its creativity best today.

The campus has grown in the last 25 year into what can be described as UNIVERSITY IN MINIATURE, imparting higher education in the variety of discipline. It has doughtiness being inspired in its development by the name of Maulana Azad. The occasion received India-wide publicity and every leading newspaper highlighted the event; most newspapers in Marathwada brought out special supplements. The Indian Express in the issue gave the best review March 3, 1988, which was reported below.

In the 17th Century Peer Ismail Shah a Sufi and tutor of the Mughal prince Aurangazeb laid the foundation stone of a Madarassa at Rauza Bagh Aurangabad where children of noble lineage were to be imparted knowledge of Arabic and Persian. The Madarassa, which later became the mausoleum of its founder fell into the hands of British and was ruined. Now 300 years hence. It has acquired a new soul.For long the dilapidated Madarassa wore a deserted look haunted by flying foxes. Owls and hyenas. The mansion, which was fine blend of Mohgul-style architectures interlaid with Pathan features, was rumbling into insignificance. When by a turn of good fortune, it caught the eye of Dr. Rafiq Zakaria the scholar-politician. Who was making rounds of the Aurangabad constituency during the 1962 Assembly Elections. And he set about the task of restoring the madrassa to its lost glory.

Historical Rouza Bagh

The ruins kindled a dream in   Dr. Zakaria's mind.  Moved by  the    extreme   poverty  and backwardness of the people of the region, he envisioned raising a center of learning at the site of legendary base of education and today, the  Maulana Azad education society's campus that  has  come up on the  spot has  blossomed  into,   to  quote  President 
R . Venkatraman  who  inaugurated   the  silver  jubilee   fete  'A  university  in miniature  not so young    as  to  be  in  experienced,  nor  so  old   as  t o be immobilized.’  he  very  first  task   that faced  Dr. Zakaria and his ebuillient wife Fatma, when they took  up   the  mission,  was  to  ensure that the new building would harmonize with the old Hence  they   requisitioned  the  service   of architect, I.M.Kadri, who was asked to invest the campus with the  unique   aura.  The late Shrimati. 

Indira Gandhi  on  her  visit   to  the campus remarked. "The Maulana Azad Campus seems to be a fine example of what can be done  in  engrafting on the old the requirment of the  present. So today we have a pleasing blend of the medieval and the modern-a-modern structure, including a open air auditorium with the futuristic dome embellished  with minarets , darwazas, arches and mausoleum with their old -world charm. Today the campus at its creative best, has over 5,000 boys and girls of diverse castes, classes, creeds, religions learning science, technology, modern technology, modern language, etc. It's hostel shelters around 350 varied students reflecting a unity in cultural diversity. Dr. Zakaria started with Maulana Azad College of Arts and Science in 1963 with the meager strength of just 144 students within a year, faculty of commerce was added and later on, job-oriented courses in geology, industrial chemistry, instrumentation Practice, Electronics and Microbiology were introduced. At the Junior college level also job oriented vacation  courses at the  +2 level were introduced here for the   first time  in the region. In 1968 in order to provide higher education facilities to girls whose parents were averse to the co-educational system .

Copy of TMP1.jpg (57013 bytes)
    Dr. Zakaria with wife Mrs. Fatma

Aurangabad College for Women

A separate section for the girls was started at the Navkhanda place , a historic landmark, where the first Nizam was living . Over the years, student of Maulana Azad College home secured distinctions on at least 22 occasions at both higher secondary and university levels, apart from excelling in sports and cultural activity.At the time, not one of the seven districts of the Marathwada region has a single college with Urdu methodology. Therefore Dr. Zakaria started Marathwada College of education in 1970 with 70 seats earmarked for Urdu and remaining 50 for other languages, particularly Marathi, state language. The college at present has strength of 230;it is one of the biggest colleges of education  in Marathwada and has the distinction  of obtaining the highest number of merit students in the University examinations.

Finding that there was no training in pharmacy in the jurisdiction of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Dr. Zakaria started the Kamla Nehru Polytechnic (Pharmacy) in 1974 with a capacity of 60 students. From the academic year (1989-90) the Trust was given permission to start the B.Pharm college which is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education, and the Directorate of Technical Education of  Maharashtra. The intake capacity is 60 every year.This college has been named after the veteran national leaader and the first Chief Minister of Maharastra Mr. Y.B. Chavan  who was a patron and well wisher of the Maulana Azad Educational Trust. Marathwada College
Marathwada College of Education

In order to provide jobs for school dropouts , the trust has started the Hinduja Technological Center .It also specializes in two  I.T.I. courses Draughtsman (Civil and Electronics ) and runs the institute as full fledged Industrial Training Institute . This year more courses are being added such as  electronics ,Civil engineering and Carpentry.
To meet the need of those aspiring for education in the English medium. the Model High School was started in 1980 with 80 students. The strength has now grown to over 1000. It also runs a  nursery for Toddlers called the Rose Academy for Toddlers at Navkhanda situated in the heart of old Aurangabad.

Y.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy

In 1985 a hospital was started with the main intention of providing practical training facility to the pharmacy students. It also caters the needs of the people living in the vicinity. This year trust has persuaded the world-famous pharmaceutical company Wockhardt Ltd. To enter into collaboration with it to manage the Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy and provided students with their expertise and on the spot practical training in their factory and research center in Aurangabad. Thus what began as a fond dream has now blossomed into a sprawling reality imparting education to students, irrespective of their caste and creed, from the kindergarten to the post-graduate level.

To the many splendorous features of the Maulana Azad Educational Campus has been added a few years ago the magnificent Indian Institute of Hotel Management in collaboration with the internationally renowned Taj Group of Hotels. The IIHM has in a short time acquired such prestige and reputation that for every seat there are over twenty applicants from all over India. The institute was started in 1989 with the generous applicants from all over India.The Institute was started in 1989 with the generous donation from the House of Tatas. The institute is residential, with students being given practical training on a daily basis. It is affiliated to the prestigious Huddersfield University of the United Kingdom.

Indian Institute of Hotel Management

         Hotel Taj Residency

which grants its degree of B.A. in Hotel Managment to the successful students of the institute, without their going abroad for the purpose. It has also arrangement with Wider University in the United States which permits the diploma holder of IIHM to enroll with a transfer of credits to their degree course in USA. The American Hotel and Motel Association that runs an educational institute in the campus of Michigon State University has after evaluating that IIHM programmes and facilities, agreed to offer their diploma to IIHM students. IIHM has decided to adopt 8 courses as part of the IIHM diploma programme . The students will study all these courses as a part of their IIHM programme and will also appear at the examination that will be conducted at IIHM Aurangabad by AH & MA in addition to the IIHM Diploma. On the successful completion of this Diploma course a person eventually gains the highest Administrator (CHA) diploma, which in effect means his being certified as a member of the industrial elite in hospitality worldwide.

One of the latest additions to the Maulana Azad Educational Campus is the College of Journalism and Mass Communications; it has been started with a view to give the best training in different fields of mass media; such as newspapers and Journals, television, and radio and their varied facets. Eminent journalists and authors and television personalities have agreed to be visiting or guest professor; while the regular staff has been selected from among the best of them. There is tremendous employment potential in this discipline both in the country and abroad. The college aims to explore it to the full.
The college conducting two courses .
    1. The Degree course of one Year (B.J)
    2. The Master Degree course of one Year (MMCJ)

Horniman College of Journalism

The Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & Information Technology has been setup by Maulana Azad Educational Trust in the year 1999-2000, with a view to cater to the changing educational needs of the students of this region. Mr. Tom Patrick is the Sr. Executive Vice President of Merrill Lynch and it is hoped that his association with the College will usher in the much needed Indo-America  collaboration in this field. The last decade has witnessed a tremendous change in socio-economic setup resulting in the emergence of new horizons of computerization and information technology. The change consequently effected the educational system too. The demand for computer personnel in this region necessitate the setting up of Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & Information Technology. The Institute offers Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) , a 3 year Master Degree Course, having accreditation

tpicit.jpg (102187 bytes)
Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & Information Technology

of AICTE, New Delhi and affiliation of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. The institute also runs Master of Computer Management (M.C.M.) a two year master degree course recognized by Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra & affiliated to Dr, Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University .The institute is housed in the cope specially constructed Computer Centre at the Maulana Azad Educational Campus, Rouza Bagh, Aurangabad. The Computer Centre of the Institute is well equipped. The Institute has also purchased high end , sophisticated and technologically most advanced machines of IBM compatibility.
Each year, a new institution is added to the two campuses of the Maulana Azad Educational Trust . There are already more than a dozen schools, colleges and institutes imparting knowledge in different disciplines. Thousands of students are on its role; hundreds of teachers are engaged in teaching and training them. The aim is excellence. Students come from far and wide, even some from foreign lands. In the hostels, which are model of comfort and clean environment students of every cast, creed and religion reside. All these institutions are living monument to our secular traditions. They invoke in the students & teachers the best India can and they give to India their best.
In this long review, one of the leading and the most widely circulated newspapers in India has catalogued the many slandered features of the campus, which many characterize as the 'Second Aligarh'.

Every year seems new addition, says Dr. Zakaria quoting the poet Iqbal:

Beyond the stars there are many new worlds.
There are many  more tasks in the battle of Love.

Love for the spread of the knowledge is the most satisfying of human emotions.