Candidate desirous of seeking admission in this college has to apply in the prescribed form and abide by the rules and regulations issued from time to time.
The original and three true copies of the following documents must be produced before the admission committee along with admission form.
    1. Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate.
    2. Marks Memo / Memos of last qualifying examinations.
    3. Cast certificate if any.
    4. Migration certificate in case of a student coming from other university, board
    5. Prescribed application form for obtaining eligibility duly filled into is submitted along
with the admission form by a candidate desirous of taking admission in first year
        degree course.
    6.Duly filled in E.B.C. form if desired

Submission of E.B.C. Form

1. In order to get E.B.C. facility a candidate required submitting the particular in the
     prescribed    E.B.C. form only
2. Certificate of Income in the prescribed form from a competent authority indicating that
the     income was less than RS. 15000/- in the last year.
3. The particulars in the application form must be true and free from corrections and
4. If father of the applicant is not alive then he/she has to produce father's death certificate
    and income certificate of his/her mother.
5. Guardians income certificate is submitted if mother/father both of the candidate are
6. Declaration in the prescribed from by parents regarding the number of Children. The
    facility of  E.B.C. is not for those having more than 3 children.
7. Those students who are transferring themselves from other college to this college must
    bring the last years E.B.C. sanction number so as to continue his concession facility.
8. Those who have discontinued the education for some reasons compulsorily require a
    gap certificate along with the E.B.C. form issued from the Tahsil Office.
9. If E.B.C. is not sanctioned due to incomplete or incorrect information etc. the candidate
    has to pay the full fees.
10. E.B.C. facility is not granted on duplicate T.C.'s

Concession in Fee for Girl Students

1. Education is free for girls upto XII standard. A candidate has to submit under taking in
    the prescribed form to get the benefit of this facility.
2. After passing the junior college the girls have to submit the papers according to E.B.C.
    procedure  to continue the facility in senior college also.

Freeship for children of Primary / Secondary Teachers

1. Application in the prescribed form duly filled in is so to be submitted by the children of
    primary   /secondary teachers bearing the signature of the competent authority
    (Education Officer / B.D.O.)
2. This facility is available only to the children of teachers who work in Govt. /Aided schools
3. Enclose the information about the number of children in the prescribed proforma.
4. Failures can't avail this facility.
5. Mother / Father must be Secondary / Primary Teachers.

Rules Regarding Attendance & Discipline

After getting admission a student has to strictly abide by the following.
1. Every student must have completed 75% attendance in all subjects, failing to do so will
    disqualify him to appear in exams.
2. A student must appear for college exam test/Tutorials. Irregularity & absentees will be
    penalized.    They will not be allowed to appear in board / University examination.
3. A student has to observe discipline in classroom, library, reading hall, laboratory and in
    the campus ET. The discipline committee may take disciplinary action and he/she may
    be expelled from the college.
4. A student is expected to behave gently with all concerned in the college and wear clean
    and sober    cloths.
5. The college furniture, books, laboratory material must be carefully handled and used.
    They will be    fined for mishandling breakage and compensate the value of the books or
6. After warning & notices if a student fails to improve himself his name will be removed
    from the register.
7. Smoking and tobacco chewing is strictly prohibited in the campus. A student will be fined
    upto  Rs. 50/- if found guilty.

Identity Card

After completing the formalities of the admission a student will receive the blank Identity Card from the office. He is required to paste his recent passport size photograph in the space provided & fill in his particulars. He has to get certified the particulars from the office by affixing the required seal along with the initials of the issuing clerk. In case and Identity card is lost a student can get duplicate Identity card from the office on the basis of his application and payment of charges.

Important Notice

The notice regarding the scholarship freeships and related information from university. U.G.C. & Government will be displayed on the notice board from time to time. Students should take a note of it and consult the concerned incharge for seeking guidance.